Session 1

From Gauge to Engaged: Using ALL the Data to Support Improved Outcomes for Every Child

Presented by Elizabeth Gordon-Stoll


The CA Dashboard is a quantum leap from the previous API/one number approach for sharing performance of district, school and student groups on multiple measures of college and career readiness.

The challenge, however, is that while the Dashboard can assist districts and schools in identifying strengths, challenges and areas for improvement, it does not provide immediate access to current, individual student data for improving student outcomes.

If we expect to improve outcomes for every student, district and site staff must have ready access to data that provide a longitudinal context, capture the most current student challenges, and have all of that organized for real-time intervention.

This presentation highlights how Santa Clara Unified (SCUSD) has used Google Classroom to organize multiple data sources (CA Dashboard, Tableau-free version, the Online Reporting System for CAASPP, Google Studio and DataZone) along with an array of protocols, to guide educators from the gauges of the CA Dashboard to actionable, data-driven processes at district, school, classroom and student levels.

Participant outcomes include:

  • How to use the CA Dashboard as the “jumping off point” to identify and plan supports for groups as well as individual students at the district, site and classroom level
  • How various data systems, and especially DataZone can be used to make the CA Dashboard information actionable at the student level.
  • How the Google Classroom platform can be used to organize and provide ready access to all of the data and additional resources.

Link to the presentation: From Gauge to Engaged: Using ALL the Data to Support Improved Outcomes for Every Child


Date and Time

Monday, October 14, 2019
11:05 AM - 11:50 AM


1290 Ridder Park Drive
San Jose, CA 95131-2304

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